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Hello, I am Phillip Nelson, I am 14 years old. I live in Gulf Shores Alabama. I am a regular hunter and I have been using your riflescopes since I have been hunting. Now lately I have started to enjoy taking shots of animals through my scope ( it is a great conversation starter). This is one pretty little boy I took through your Premier 4-12x40 CS riflescope. And I'll be darned if this isn't the clearest scope to do this with. Especially at night! I've shot 3 deer and countless rounds of ammo into targets using your scope and I just want you to know what a great job your doing! My next scope will definitely be a swift!


February 2012

Testimonial 1

Here is a pic of my 12 year old daughter shooting my 22-250 with Swift srp669 scope and her first deer.

Thanks again for your help.
William Varner

Testimonial 2


Testimonial 2-2


Thanks to you and your company for the speedy action on this, and for making my trip out west a huge success.  Attached is a picture of the muley I shot, and also one of an 8 point I shot here in Minnesota.

Thank you again,
Mike Oelrich


Hi Tim, I wanted to share this story with you about how my Swift SR656M scopes spent 9 days under 11ft of contaminated water after Hurricane Katrina. I was devastated to find all of my firearms destroyed as a result but to my amazement, my Swift scopes were perfectly intact.  The rings were a little rusted but the scopes were absolutely perfect.  I intend to mount one on my new 45/70 Handy Rifle for primitive weapon season. 

Thanks again!
Mike Frught
Slidell, Louisiana

Testimonial 4

Testimonial 4-3

Testimonial 4-2

Hello Tim, You have a great scope I am going to switch my 12 year olds scope to Swift and get a couple for our muzzle loaders too. I have had people ask me what kind of scope I am using and I let them know it is a Swift and it works better than any scope I have put on my rifle.
Thanks for everything,

John Wax


I bought a used rifle with a Swift 2-7 on it and assuming it was  low quality, I took it off before really looking it over or going to web for reviews. When I cleaned the optics while taking it off the gun I was impressed, WOW! I then commented that it was as good as a Leupold. I’m putting it back on the rifle! I had some vague knowledge of your scopes and assumed they were cheap imports etc. Well, as they say, when you assume ……

Mark Haley
Crown point, Indiana 


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